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Human Flourishing and Practicing Forgiveness Workshop with Dr. Everett Worthington

Date: June 27 & 28, 2024

Time: 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM

Venue: Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Room: To be announced post-registration.

Registration Fee: Included in the Flourishing Summer School Registration ($130)

Workshop Overview

We are honored to present a transformative workshop led by the renowned Dr. Everett Worthington, a clinical psychologist and trailblazer in the field of forgiveness research. This workshop is set to be a cornerstone of our 2024 Flourishing Summer School (June 27-28), offering attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves in the science of human flourishing and the art of practicing forgiveness.

Dr. Worthington, with his rich background in counseling and forgiveness research, brings a wealth of experience and profound insights to the table. Having navigated personal tragedies with a spirit of forgiveness, he embodies the virtues he champions. His life’s mission is to foster a culture of forgiveness that resonates at individual, familial, and community levels.

During the workshop, participants will be guided through the nuanced pathways of forgiveness, exploring its intricate relationship with justice, faith, and virtue. Drawing upon both scientific research and personal narratives, Dr. Worthington will facilitate an enriching dialogue on how the act of forgiving can catalyze personal healing and foster community well-being.

The workshop is inclusive of the Flourishing Summer School registration fee. Further details on the exact room and additional information will be updated closer to the event date.

Whether you are a professional seeking to integrate forgiveness into your practice or an individual on a personal journey towards healing and growth, this workshop will provide the tools and perspectives to pave a path of forgiveness and flourishing. Join us for an enriching experience that promises to nurture the heart and soul, fostering a brighter, more forgiving future.


Everett Worthington, Ph.D., the revered Commonwealth Professor Emeritus, continues to be a pivotal figure at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Psychology, even post-retirement in 2017. A distinguished researcher and author, he devotes his work to the study of forgiveness, virtues, spirituality, and the intricacies of marriage and family life. His ultimate goal is to foster a spirit of forgiveness in individuals, families, and broader communities, embodying the mantra – “every heart, every home, and every homeland.” Since the mid-1980s, Worthington has been deeply immersed in the professional counseling of couples, which piqued his interest in the psychology of forgiveness. This curiosity blossomed into a full-fledged scientific inquiry from 1990, positioning him as a trailblazer in the field of forgiveness research. Through his leadership at ‘A Campaign for Forgiveness Research’ between 1998 and 2005, he facilitated grants of over $6 million on forgiveness studies, nurturing the growth of researchers globally. Worthington’s personal journey with forgiveness took a profound turn following the tragic murder of his mother in 1996. This incident propelled him to explore the intersections of forgiveness with justice, faith, and virtue, forming the crux of his recent endeavors. His personal tragedy not only illuminated the path of forgiving others but also brought the concept of self-forgiveness into his research spectrum, drawn from his own experiences of guilt and self-reproach. At the upcoming Flourishing Summer School, Worthington will facilitate a workshop on “Human Flourishing and Practicing Forgiveness,” promising to be a haven of healing, personal growth, and the fostering of forgiveness at multiple levels. Participants can anticipate a transformative experience, equipping them with the tools to embrace forgiveness wholeheartedly and foster human flourishing in their practice and church settings.