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At the Abundant Life Flourishing Program, research forms the cornerstone of our work to understand and promote the science of Christian flourishing. Our dedicated team of researchers is at the forefront of exploring the multi-faceted dimensions of abundant life within Christian contexts.

Our Focus

Our research focus is both broad and deep, seeking to explore the complex interplay of psychological, spiritual, and community factors that contribute to a flourishing life. We leverage an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the rich traditions of psychology, theology, and social sciences. Our work delves into a range of areas, including mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, peace and joy, character and virtue, stewardship, relationships, and the role of community in fostering well-being.

Our Methodology

We employ a rigorous, methodologically diverse approach to our research. Quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews, experimental studies, and longitudinal research designs are all part of our toolkit. Our research is not just about understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of Christian flourishing; it’s also about discovering the ‘how’—how to promote, nurture, and sustain flourishing within Christian communities.

Research Impact

The impact of our research extends beyond the academic sphere. Our findings are translated into practical resources, strategies, and interventions for individuals, families, churches, and clinicians. We are committed to making our research accessible and actionable, ensuring it benefits those in need.

Join Us

Whether you're a student eager to contribute to this exciting field, a practitioner interested in our findings, or a member of the community curious to learn more, we invite you to explore our current projects, publications, and opportunities for involvement. 

Let's journey together towards a deeper understanding of what it means to live the Abundant Life - a life of fullness!