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Research Overview

At the Abundant Life Flourishing Program, research forms the cornerstone of our work to understand and promote the science of Christian flourishing. Our dedicated team of researchers is at the forefront of exploring the multi-faceted dimensions of abundant life within Christian contexts.

The current models of human flourishing, while widely applied, may not fully resonate with the unique values, beliefs, and practices of Christian communities. This gap in understanding and application is what our research aims to bridge. Our research focuses on providing a culturally sensitive and relevant model of human flourishing for Christian communities worldwide.

Our Approach

Our research focus is both broad and deep, seeking to explore the complex interplay of psychological, spiritual, and community factors that contribute to a flourishing life. We leverage an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on the rich traditions of psychology, theology, and social sciences. Our work delves into a range of areas, including mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, peace and joy, character and virtue, stewardship, relationships, and the role of community in fostering well-being.

We harness the power of research to illuminate the pathways towards Christian flourishing. With a dedicated commitment to integrating psychological science and Christian theology, our research agenda is ambitious, expansive, and transformative.

We have developed the Abundant Life Flourishing Framework, a model deeply rooted in Christian faith, which serves as an alternative to universal and temporal human flourishing models. This framework aligns with the concept of ‘Abundant Life,’ central to Christian communities.

Research Agendas

Expected Outcomes

Our research aims to produce rigorous, methodologically sound, and practically relevant knowledge about Christian flourishing. We aspire to develop:

1) A comprehensive model of Christian flourishing informed by psychological science and Christian theology.

2) Practical tools, interventions, and resources to promote flourishing in Christian individuals, congregations, and communities.

3) Training programs for mental health professionals to integrate Christian flourishing insights into their therapeutic practice.


Our research doesn’t just sit in academic journals. We’re deeply committed to ensuring our findings make a real-world impact. We envision our research shaping:

1) Church Communities: Providing them with evidence-based strategies and resources to promote well-being among their members.

2) Mental Health Practice: Equipping clinicians with tools and insights to better serve clients grappling with issues of faith, meaning, and well-being.

3) Individuals and Families: Empowering them with knowledge and strategies to cultivate flourishing lives within their Christian faith journey.

Send us an email to learn how you can be part of the Abundant Life Flourishing Program as we, together, delve into the science of Christian flourishing.

Current Ongoing Projects

Global Abundant Life Study

Flourishing and Spiritual Ties to Place

Attachment to the Holy Spirit and Well-being

Flourishing, Pedagogy, and Positive Education

Suffering, Hope, and Abundant Life

Cross-cultural Spiritual Care and Well-being

Christian Flourishing Summer School

Political Adversity and Flourishing

Missional Psychotherapy