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Our Methodology

Interdisciplinary Approach

We begin with an interdisciplinary stance, integrating the insights and methodologies of psychology, theology, and other social sciences. By weaving together these diverse threads, we achieve a richer, more nuanced understanding of human flourishing in Christian contexts. This is not about placing one field over the other; rather, it’s about acknowledging the unique contributions of each field and fostering a dialogue between them.

Collaborative Engagement

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our approach. We actively engage with scholars, church leaders, clinicians, and community members. This ensures our research is both informed by and responsive to the realities, needs, and insights of those we seek to serve.

Contextual Sensitivity

We’re committed to conducting research that respects and reflects the unique contexts of Christian communities. Rather than imposing one-size-fits-all models, we strive to develop frameworks, measures, and interventions that resonate with the lived experiences of Christians across diverse cultural, denominational, and socio-economic contexts.

Rigorous and Ethical Research Practices

Our commitment to rigorous and ethical research practices is unwavering. We adhere strictly to established ethical guidelines, respect the dignity and rights of research participants, and ensure our research procedures meet the highest standards of scientific integrity.

Translational Focus

Finally, we’re not content to simply generate knowledge. We’re dedicated to ensuring our research translates into real-world applications. Our studies are designed with an eye towards their potential implications for mental health practice, church life, and personal growth.

Join us in our pursuit of science that illuminates, empowers, and transforms, as we journey together towards abundant life. Welcome to our methodology at the Abundant Life Flourishing Program.