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Emily Purcell

Emily Purcell is a current doctoral student in clinical psychology at Regent University and serves as the social media curator for the Abundant Life Flourishing Program. Her prior experiences directed her interests toward the biopsychosocial study of eudaimonia in individuals, mainly through relationships, faith, and neuroscience. She seeks to apply her research in clinical settings to assist individuals with intellectual disabilities and within the geriatric population in learning to thrive in their environment.

Before her doctoral studies, Emily worked in diverse settings, interacting with various populations. She worked in a drug and addiction center, providing assessments and group therapy to individuals within detox and rehabilitation programs. She worked with undergraduate students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, assisting them in developing skills necessary for career development. Emily also volunteered with survivors of human trafficking, providing them with resources for stability during recovery. Emily’s prior research includes understanding Biblical forgiveness narratives, a conceptualization of the Fruits of the Spirit, and birth order studies. Emily received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Roberts Wesleyan University. 


E: emilpur[at]