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Supporting, Sustaining, and Strengthening What Makes Christian Communities Flourish


A Christian Approach

Human flourishing has been explored in various contexts, but unique cultural and religious contexts like Christian communities have been largely overlooked. Christians constitute nearly a third of earth’s population, making the study of flourishing within these communities critical.


Vision Statement

Shaping a world where Christian communities flourish, embodying the fullness of ‘Abundant Life’ as envisioned in the Gospel of John 10:10.

Mission Statement

To advance the understanding and practice of Christian flourishing through interdisciplinary research and practical applications, equipping Christian communities with tools for holistic well-being

What We Are About

The Abundant Life Flourishing Program, housed in the School of Psychology and Counseling at Regent University, is committed to studying and promoting the science of Christian flourishing through integrating perspectives and methodologies in psychology and Christian theology. Emphasizing an interdisciplinary methodology, the program weaves together insights from a plethora of fields, fostering a comprehensive view of human well-being. The mission goes beyond mere academic exploration; it’s also deeply entrenched in practical applications that directly impact Christian communities. 

Christian communities are characterized by distinct values, beliefs, and practices that inherently influence their interpretation and pursuit of flourishing. We have adopted the paradigm of “Abundant Life,” as depicted in the Gospel of John 10:10, as the emic framework for exploring human flourishing from a Christian perspective. We hope to translate the Abundant Life Flourishing framework into tangible, applicable strategies that individuals, families, and church communities can integrate into their daily lives.

Research and Educational Activities

The Abundant Life Flourishing Program prioritizes psychological research that investigates Christian human flourishing. We develop research reports that summarize empirical findings from psychology and related social sciences, as well as insights from theological traditions on pathways to Christian flourishing. These pathways include family, work, education, and religious community.

In addition, we are committed to enhancing empirical measures of constructs such as forgiveness, happiness, human flourishing, and love from a psychological standpoint. We employ insights from analytic philosophy and theological traditions to inform these measures, contributing to the field of empirical social science research.

Our Abundant Life Flourishing framework encapsulates spiritual richness that transcends mere material abundance and integrates six domains of Christian flourishing: peace and joy, mental and physical health, purpose and meaning, character and virtue, relationships, and stewardship.

Summer Schools and Seminars

The Abundant Life Flourishing Program organizes annual summer schools and quarterly seminars that bring together scientists and scholars from psychology and other disciplines. These interdisciplinary events focus on fostering a deeper understanding of human flourishing, emphasizing the importance of psychological and Christian theological insights in these discussions.

Monthly Research Team Seminar

We have our monthly research team seminar every second Tuesday of the month at Room CRB 237 Classroom Building, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Clinical Applications

With a strong commitment to practical applications, the Abundant Life Flourishing Program strives to transform conceptual models and empirical research on Christian flourishing into concrete actions. The program’s central mission is to construct accessible, practical strategies that individuals, families, and faith communities can weave into their everyday routines.

This practical application extends into clinical settings as well. Recognizing that many mental health professionals serve clients wrestling with deep existential questions around purpose, meaning, and well-being, the program is designed to furnish and equip clinicians with an effective toolkit. This toolkit, rooted in the tenets of Christian faith, enables clinicians to integrate faith-based approaches into their therapeutic interventions. For instance, we provide training resources aimed at incorporating Christian faith elements into therapy, thereby equipping clients to navigate life’s challenges through the prism of faith.

In essence, the Abundant Life Flourishing Program seeks to make a meaningful contribution not just to the scientific discourse around Christian flourishing, but also to manifest these insights into tangible, real-life, and clinical applications. We are committed to empowering individuals, practitioners, and communities with the knowledge and resources to foster holistic well-being within the context of the Christian faith.

Clinical Mentoring

At the Abundant Life Flourishing Program, we offer Clinical Mentoring, spearheaded by our Clinical Translation Specialist, Dr. Rachel Stephens, providing crucial guidance for applied therapeutic practices.

Clinical Research Translations

Through our research and publications, we emphasize clinical research applications that translate scholarly insights into therapeutic interventions and toolkits that foster flourishing in Christian-oriented clinical settings.

Practitioner Workshops

We organize regular ad hoc workshops for mental health practitioners who are interested in integrating human flourishing interventions in their clinical practice.


Visiting Researcher Program

We offer research mentoring and support to scholars from the humanities and social sciences interested in integrating our Abundant Life Flourishing framework into their work. We assist humanities scholars in comprehending empirical psychological research and provide guidance to social scientists seeking to develop a better understanding of analytic philosophy and theology.

Our program welcomes visiting faculty and graduate students interested in conducting research on topics at the intersection of psychology, social sciences, and the humanities.

At the heart of the Abundant Life Flourishing Program is a commitment to understanding and promoting human flourishing within Christian communities through the application of psychological insights, enhancing both scholarly dialogue and practical initiatives aimed at bolstering well-being across diverse contexts.

The Abundant Life Flourishing Program is housed in the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences at Regent University. 


Abundant Life Flourishing Framework

Domains of Christian flourishing:  

Peace & Joy

A sense of inner tranquility and happiness, embodying spiritual contentment in Christ.

Mental & Physical Health

Holistic well-being encompassing both physical vitality and mental resilience.

Meaning & Purpose

Nurturing a deep-seated sense of life’s significance, guided by faith and service to others.

Character & Virtue

Striving for moral integrity, exhibiting virtues aligned with Christian teachings and principles.


Building deep and meaningful interpersonal relationships, embodying Christian love and compassion.


Emphasizing responsible management and use of God’s gifts, including time, talent, and resources.

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