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2024 Christian Flourishing Summer School (Call for Papers and Registration Open)

The Christian Flourishing Summer School seeks to foster a deeper understanding and an expansion of human flourishing studies by integrating perspectives and methodologies in psychology, public health, and Christian theology. The Summer School integrates empirical findings from psychology and related social sciences and insights from theological traditions on what it means for Christians, their congregations, and communities to truly flourish. Christian communities are characterized by distinct values, beliefs, and practices that inherently influence their interpretation and pursuit of flourishing. The Summer School aims to enrich both academic understanding and practical approaches to flourishing within Christian settings.

The keynote speakers and plenary sessions will address Flourishing within Christian Communities using a theory-research-practice framework. The summer school strives to transform conceptual models and empirical research on Christian flourishing into concrete actions for Christian individuals, congregations, and communities. To that end, the summer school workshop and presentations aim to construct accessible, practical strategies that individuals, families, and faith communities can weave into everyday routines.

This two-day, on-campus event provides researchers, practitioners, and graduate students the opportunity to network with experts in the field, grow their knowledge base, and even present their own work on the science of Christian flourishing, focusing on either theory, research, or practice.